Free Online Betting Guide

Our free online betting guide explains the basics of betting online, the types of bets and available sports from Horse Racing, Greyhound Racing, Premier League Football, Golf, Cricket and all other sports betting, as well as novelty and speciality bets.

Free betting guide

Common Bets

Win single

One selection that must win and costs your unit stake.

Each Way Single

One selection that can either win or be placed ( see place terms ) and costs double your unit stake. EG £1Each way is : £1 win and £1 place and costs £2.

Win Double, Treble or Accumulator

Two selections equates to a double and the winnings from the first selection are fully invested onto the second selection, and onto the third selection in a treble and all selections in an accumulator.

Cross Bet or Single Stakes About

Two selections staked as two singles where if A wins a single stake from the winnings is placed on B and if B wins a single stake on A.


Three selections with 3 doubles and a treble. AB, AC, BC, ABC.


Same as a Trixie with 3 singles A,B,C.

Round Robin

A Trixie with 3 pairs of cross bets. Cross Bets are AB, AC, BC.


Four selections with doubles AB, AC, AD, BC, BD, CD, Trebles ABC, ABD, ACD, BCD & Accumulator ABCD.

Lucky 15

As Yankee bet with singles A, B, C, D. Bonuses available.


As Yankee but with 6 cross bet pairs (same as doubles).

Lucky 31 & 63

Same as Lucky 15 but with 5 (L31) selections or 6 (L63).

Canadian, Heinz, Super Heinz and Goliath

Same as Yankee but with 5, 6, 7, 8 selections.

Union Jack

Nine selections for eight trebles as the red lines on the Union Jack form:-
   A B C
   D E F
   G H I

All Bets Ready Reckoner

The returns shown in the lists below are to a £1 stake.

To work out returns to a different stake simply multiply the relevant answer by your stake.

i.e. 50p Each Way on a 6/4 winner at 1/5 the odds a place

3.800 x .50 = £1.90

Doubles Etc.
To work out doubles the win and place part of the bet must be worked out separately. If one or both are only placed, you only need to do the place calculation.

The example prices are for a £1 Each Way Double:-

6/1 winner at 1/5 the odds a place and
2/1 winner at 1/4 the odds a place

Take the return for the first price ‘Win Only’ multiply this by the returns of the second price ‘Win Only’ 7.000 x 3.000 = 21.000

Take the return for the first price ‘Place Only’ multiply this by the returns of the second ‘Place Only’ 2.200 x 1.500 = 3.300

Total returns = 21.000 + 3.300 = £24.30

Other bets like trebles are obtained by taking the double answer and multiplying it by the next price in the same way etc.

Rounding up or down is only done at the end. If the third number after the decimal point is 5 or higher round the pence up and of course 4 or lower ignore the third digit.

i.e. 1.916 becomes £1.92 1.914 becomes £1.91